Who are we?


Meet our experts

Professor Helge Janicke – Director of Cyber Technology Institute
Email: heljanic@dmu.ac.uk


Research interests:

SCADA / Industrial Control System Security / Agile Project Management

Dr Ali Al-Bayatti – MSc Programme Leader
Email: alihmohd@dmu.ac.uk


Research interests:

Intelligent mobility / Autonomous vehicles

Dr Aladdin Ayesh – Reader in Artificial Intelligence
Email: aayesh@dmu.ac.uk


Research interests:

AI / Cognitive systems / Mobile systems / Text-mining

Dr Jo Barwick – Research and Commercial Development Manager
Email: jo.barwick@dmu.ac.uk

Professor Eerke Boiten – Professor of Cyber Security
Email: eerke.boiten@dmu.ac.uk

Research interests:

Data privacy and data ethics; Cyber security; Formal methods: application to cryptography and security; refinement; viewpoints; ransomware

Dr Feng Chen – Co-ordinator of DTP in Cyber Technology
Email: fengchen@dmu.ac.uk


Research interests:

Smart technologies / software evolution / adaptive software

Dr Moira Carroll-Mayer
Email: moiracaroll2000@yahoo.co.ukResearch interests:Digital forensics / security management / ethics and law of advanced weapons systems
John Files – Senior Technical Analyst
Email: jhf@dmu.ac.uk


Bil Hallaq – Lecturer (Part-time)
Email: bil.hallaq@dmu.ac.uk
Dr Ying He
Email: ying.he@dmu.ac.uk


Research interests:

Security Incident Response / Security Risk Management / Information Governance

Dr Richard Howley
Email: rgh@dmu.ac.uk

Research interests:Professional and moral aspects of the forensic investigation of digital evidence

Mr Clinton Ingrams
Email: cfi@dmu.ac.uk

Research interests:Security of web applications / Penetration testing

Dr Prapa Rattadilok
Email: prapa.rattadilok@dmu.ac.ukPrapa1Research interests:Anamoly detection / Sensor Networks / Secuity in healthcare
Dr Francois Siewe
Email: FSiewe@dmu.ac.uk


Research interests:

Modelling of context aware and pervasive systems

Mr David Smallwood
Email: drs@dmu.ac.ukResearch interests:Procedural and functional programming / Formal Methods
Dr Richard Smith – Head of Cyber Security Centre
Email: rgs@dmu.ac.ukRichard_Corridoredit
Ronnie Smyth – Lecturer (Part-time)
Email: rsmyth@dmu.ac.uk
Dr Isabel Wagner
Email: isabel.wagner@dmu.ac.uk

Research interests:

Privacy / Gender differences in Computer Science / Cryptography

Dr Iryna Yevseyeva
Email: iryna.yevseyeva@dmu.ac.uk

Research interests:

Optimisation / decision-analysis in cyber security / human aspects of cyber security