Another successful ICS-CSR conference

This August, the ICS-CSR conference, jointly organised by De Montfort University, the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria and Airbus, was hosted at the University of Hamburg.

This was the 5th International Symposium for ICS & SCADA Cyber Security Research – an event which brings together researchers with an interest in the security of industrial control systems in the light of their increasing exposure to cyber-space.

With topics ranging from security for hardware/firmware used in industrial control systems to the human aspects of cyber security such as behaviour modelling and training, the conference attracts participants from a variety of domains.

Molly Betts, eKTP Associate with DMU and Airbus said:

“I had a great week at the ICS-CSR conference in Hamburg as I met lots of brilliant people with equally brilliant ideas. There was a wide variety of people from both academic and industry backgrounds, and it was refreshing to go to a conference where there was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.”

“There were lots of interesting talks on work conducted around ICS and SCADA covering a wide range of topics, including device discovery, intrusion detection and the current security issues. I especially enjoyed the keynotes from Dr Robert Oates from Rolls Royce and Harald Niggemann from BSI, and of course the buffet which was joint with the ARES conference attendees as prizes were handed out. Looking forward to next year’s already!”

[Image: ICS-CSR Organising Committee: Thomas Brandstetter, St Polten University, Dr Kevin Jones, Airbus; Professor Helge Janicke, DMU]

This year’s proceedings are now available at:

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