Industry and academia: stronger together for a secure and resilient cyberspace

We are very fortunate at the Cyber Technology Institute to have the support of an Industrial Advisory Group (IAG), formed of world leading companies at the forefront of all 13 sectors of Critical National Infrastructure.  Comprised of Airbus Group, BT, Deloitte and Rolls-Royce, our IAG provides not just guidance to both research and teaching here in the CTI; but also funding through commercial contracts and collaborative research bids.


We are very proud of this long-standing partnership as we value the expertise they bring; and we understand the importance of the relationship between industry and academia. This is a view shared by Dr Kevin Jones, the Head of Cyber Operations Research Team for Airbus Group Innovations – himself a graduate of De Montfort University:

“We believe that partnerships and collaborations between academia and industry are important to address the UK cyber skills shortage, and ensure that the UK remains a leader and innovator in cyber security for years to come.  As an Airbus Group centre of excellence for ICS cyber security, De Montfort University is one of our major collaborators in the UK.”

Dr Kevin Jones, Airbus Group

The real-world experience of the members of our IAG informs our teaching which ensures that our programmes are relevant to the existing challenges faced by industry and our graduates gain the knowledge and skills to deal with them.

Through collaborative research, we are also able to transform current thinking in cyber security in order to anticipate the needs of the future.

These kinds of collaborations are clearly at the heart of meeting the objectives of a secure and resilient cyberspace.

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